Open Letter by Mr. M-D in reference to Arizona

First, a moment of prayer to the victims of this senseless act.

Let’s examine the facts that we know:
The Congresswoman was at a “Meet & Greet” type of meeting. She was meeting with and talking to the people that she represents: AZ Congressional District 8. The gunman, identified as a 22 year-old white male, opener fire with what the media called a “semi-automatic” weapon with an “extended clip.” Semi-automatic means that when you pull the trigger, the weapon fires, NOT that it spews bullets. A “Glock” is semi-automatic. An extended clip allows more bullets to be used without reloading. A .357 revolver is “semi-automatic” in that you pull the trigger and the weapon fires, but only six times. IMHO, the media’s use of the term “semi-automatic” places an emotional load on the subject. But, I digress.

The gunman shot the Congressman. He also shot and killed a 9 year-old girl. I do not see a political or racial connection. he also killed a federal judge who just happened to be there. I doubt that he knew who the judge was when he shot, so again the political-racial connection is questionable with this victim. I could go on, but I hope the point is made. The shooter seems to be a confused loner who allowed his views to convince him that violence for some reason was a viable option. If you examine other shootings, like Gov Wallace’s shooting, or Larry Flint’s shooting, or the doctors who have been murdered because they are “Pro-Choice,” or even the shooting of Medgar Evers (obviously a race-hate crime), you see the victim is targeted without others being shot. Six people were killed today…it would be VERY HARD to make a political-bigotry-racial connection with them…especially with the nine year-old girl.

There are political hacks and bloggers and Talk Radio types who will attempt to take advantage of this tragedy. IMHO, this was the action of a person who was confused, like the Columbine shooters (I will NOT mention their names), or Colin Fergusen (, or Mark David Chapman.

Arizona has problems like any state, but to blame this murderer’s action on “Talk Radio” or S.B. 1070 (the Immigration Bill) is to confuse the issue. I am registered as an “Independent” voter who has been to a “Tea Party” who tends to vote republican more than democrat who voted for for Congresswoman Giffords (a democrat) in the last three elections.

The gunman is on his own…not connected to a political process…not allowed to claim that he acted the way he did because of anyone’s ideas or voice other than his own. Colin Ferguson (convict) LIRR Ferguson (born January 14, 1958) was convicted of murdering six people and injuring nineteen others on the Long Island Rail Road in Garden City, New York on December 7, 1993. To Contact COLIN FERGUSON Write to: COLIN FERGUSON, 95A1838 Attica Correctional Facility Exchange St Attica, New

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