Back By Popular Demand DeSean Goree Model Eye Luv

Because so many of you rated him and kept clicking to see him he is back. I contacted DeSean and told him about how well the post did, and after a brief convo he sent more pics for all of you ladies to enjoy. DeSean is a model and also a manager for the artist Mark Jay (feature coming soon). He has told me that he would love to do shots for this site so ladies (and some of you fellas) if you keep rating he will send us more. Once again thanks to DeSean. Pictures are after the break.

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23 Responses to Back By Popular Demand DeSean Goree Model Eye Luv

  1. Jayla says:

    Damn Maury1 thanks for more of this sexy man is he married or engaged or something?

  2. Kate1 says:

    I agree, he is smokin hot. Whoever snatched him up is one lucky lady!

  3. TheQueenBee says:

    Is he single or what I hope he aint got a woman I want me some of that dark chocolate

  4. Karl says:

    Damn Maury1 hit us with a great one Maury1 when are we going to get more of him

  5. Jboogie12 says:

    Where can we see more of him? Does he have a facebook or anything to contact him

  6. LizaMinel123 says:

    Wasn’t he one of the guys in that FAMU sextape he can fuck, he was pumping the mess out of that girl

  7. Jayla says:

    Is he really in the FAMU sextape is it still available to see because I wanna see him samsh something

  8. LizaMinel123 says:

    Yes girl you can definetly see him if that tape is still up girl let me tell you, he is big as can be, its the biggest one I seen, I love it so much

  9. Jayla says:

    Girl I’m going to try and find it because I wanna see it damn he looks good

  10. MissMyaBad Chick says:

    He is in one word FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Got me rethinking being with my man

  11. MiaXXX says:

    My friend just told me to check this out and let me just say Maury1 I don’t know who you are but you are a godsend for putting this man up here he is the best looking man I have seen in a minute, please send more and I’ll visit this site everyday

  12. A Flaming Queen says:

    Maury1 hes fine keep up the good work showing us this man right here, and apparently reading the comments he can fuck too wow thats wassup

  13. Kate1 says:

    he does have a facebook, just search for his name. He also has a model mayhem account, but I think you need an account to see it. Keep up the great work so we can see more of this man!

  14. Maury1 says:

    Thank you to everyone for showing your love and support I mean this means alot to me as well as DeSean, he is a hardworking man, and I am hardworking and to see this many people respond to my post I am ecstatic, and I promise when yall show love like this I’m gonna give you what you want


  15. YoNameHere says:

    He is a fine ass man Ive never seen any man look this good like a chocolate treat you just wanna lick up and eat

  16. Trina says:

    A sexy nigga needs the baddest bitch @trinarockstar

  17. The Lover says:

    This is an amzing picture he is someone I would love to photograph Im going to try and fing him on facebook to contact him

  18. Concerned says:

    Maury1 I hope you know that this man was in that infamous FAMU sextape and Im sure that you want a more credible person than that on your site he was on tape screwing 4 different females over and over again without a condom, Maury1 I love your Eye Luvs but this guy may get you fired because of his past don’t throw so much support behind him

    • Kate1 says:

      I think it is irresponsible of you to assume that he is that person and possibly ruin his modeling career as a result. He isn’t even from Florida! I understand your concern for the person that posted this and runs the website, but I am disappointed by your choice to slander a stranger’s reputation.

  19. Kate1 says:

    he is NOT the guy in the sextape.

  20. Maury1 says:

    To Concerned thank you for your concern, but please the next time when posting something have facts. I will not comment on whether or not he is in the FAMU sextape becuase that doesn’t matter. What matters is he is attracting people to, which to me means the world because I love writing for this site and I love supporting up an comers like DeSean Goree. I have spoken to DeSean and I have nothing but good things to say about him he is one of the nicest people I have ever met, and is willing to support the site by sending us more pics that alot of people obviously want to see, look at the numbers he has over 400 ratings and clicks. Once again thanks for your concern and even if he is in the FAMU sextape that doesn’t matter to me and I am still glad I posted the pic.

    Thank you DeSean to the pic and thanks to everyone who supports him.

  21. Concerned says:

    To Maury1 I apologize for what was said and Im sorry that I cause such a stir for Kate1, whoever she is, Maury1 you are great person for responding to my post and showing that you care about the people you feature thank you for doing that in a respectful manner. Unlike Kate1 back down who the fuck are you his management

  22. Yvette Lisso Misso says:

    Hot Guy he seems to be the best thing Ive seen in the Eye Luv category

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