Fake Lawyer Tried 60 Cases Before Being Caught

According to news reports, a convicted felon by the name of Tahir Malik is being held in contempt of court with no bond, after getting caught posing as a lawyer for dozens of cases. Sources say, Malik has been charging his clients any where from $500 to $4,500 to represent them, over the past 5 years!
He was finally caught on December 17, when personnel at the Cook County Courthouse found some of his behavior suspicious and questioned his credentials explained the Huffington Post. It was then revealed, Mr. Malik had no credentials, having never spent one day in law school. “No one suspected anything for years because he did everything right – except obtain a law degree,” Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart said in a statement. “From his own arrest history, he was familiar enough with the court system to make certain motions and file certain documents with the court.”
According to officials, Malik has a lengthy criminal history. He has served time in the Illinois Department of Corrections on a burglary conviction. He has also been arrested on charges ranging from theft and shoplifting to criminal trespassing. Malik has been charged with two counts of false impersonation of a lawyer, and is due back in court on the 28th of January.

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