Rumor Control: Brandy Supposedly Pregnant With Second Child?

Blogs have been abuzz this morning with the news that R&B singer Brandy is pregnant with her second child. Every site seems to have a different story, one site says that she is pregnant by Flo-Rida, The next says she is pregnant by Terrence J, and then you have the off sites who say she is pregnant by some random guy she just met or even one of Ray J’s friends. Here are the facts Brandy is dating the 106 & Park Co-Host Terrence J. She was seeing Flo-Rida at one point in time but she is not as of the date of this post still with him. Is Brandy pregnant? According to certain sites she is pregnant by Terrence J and it has been confirmed ( rabbit ears ) by credible and extremely close sources to Brandy. Here is what I know Brandy is a smart girl and she will be the one to tell us whether or not she is pregnant. So all of these rumors are just that rumors, until we see an official press release from Brandy we won’t say.

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