Up And Coming Artist Mark Jay

I just did an interview with up and coming artist Mark Jay. Who is starting to become a YouTube sensation. He has a lot of viewers and a family of supporters that include our Model Eye Luv, De’Sean Goree who is his manager. Mark Jay is an R&B Artist who has a lot hits on YouTube and working on Billboard hits. Mark considers Michael Jackson, Musiq Soulchild, Bobby Valentino, and Ginuwine as his musical influences. After hearing that I went to see some of his YouTube videos and I have to say that he sounds a lot like Ginuwine especially in his song “Next Time”. Mark Jay says that he performs like Ne-Yo, which you will be able to see in the videos at the end of the post. Although Mark Jay is not signed to a label yet, He is still making some major moves in Arizona. He does performances at different clubs and other places in Arizona. I’m sure he will be letting us know when he has some performances coming up. He got started writing songs and with a passion for music, he followed his dream and now he is starting to realize it.
I also asked him a couple of tiny personal questions just for some reader enjoyment, The first question was who was his first girlfriend. He said his first girlfriend was Adrianna whom he met in Kindergarten. Despite being in Kindergarten he said they lasted for a couple months. He also told me about his first love Katrina whom he met about 3 years ago while he was in high school. Mark Jay really likes women who can compliment his personality and his humor. But ladies before all you jump on him just know the he is married. He is married to the lovely Janine Johnson and they share a beautiful daughter named Sarai.
Mark Jay is also a licensed massage therapist and works at a spa. Ladies can you imagine being serenaded while getting a massage from Mark Jay. Well if you can he has given me permission to send out his number so that you can make an appointment as he does do house calls. The number to reach him for that is 602-814-9935.
Down below are some videos of him singing on YouTube.
The First Video Is “Next Time”

The Second Video is of him performing “Next Time”

Also if you love the song you can go and download it from this link here.
I would like to say thanks to Mark Jay for allowing me to interview him and letting us promote him as an upcoming artist, y’all know I like to keep y’all updated on every good new artist out there so look at these videos and download the song. We here at courtneyluv.com love to support positivity, which Mark Jay is.

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