“One To Watch” Teen Rapper D’ Anthony

You guys know how much I love underground artists, but you can’t really call D’ Anthony that. He goes hard and thats how I found him. He is 16 and he got my attention by sending me a series of tweets, and sending other writers, record labels, and artists a series of tweets just to feature him, or just listen to his music. I went to his YouTube page and listened to his music and I saw that this youngster can flow. There are very few teen rappers who take their craft as seriously as he does.
D’ Anthony does covers of different artists on his YouTube page, my favorite is his cover of Lil Wayne’s “Bill Gates”. He goes hard with the freestyle and demolishes the beat like a man twice his age. He also did a cover of the smash hit “All I Want Is You” by Miguel and J. Cole. He also does a freestyle of Tyga’s “I’m So Raw” that is lyrically superior to anyone who is a teen and rapping write now. While many teen rappers rap about cars and sex, D’ Anthony seems to go deeper and thats what puts him in his own lane, and separates him from the hundreds of other aspiring teen rappers.
All he wanted was to be heard and I’m glad to give him this opportunity to have his music heard. If you work for a record label, or a music group or you are looking for an artist to manage, here is your guy. I would be surprised if you didn’t know him because he spends all of his time when he is not in school tweeting any and everyone he is following in the music industry.

Here is the link to his YouTube Page
He is also finishing up his as of yet untitled debut mixtape, which I’m sure is to be a smash. For all of you record label executives, this is One To Watch.

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6 Responses to “One To Watch” Teen Rapper D’ Anthony

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  2. Alyssia says:

    I know him. Well sort of, I tweet him every so often to see how he doin.

  3. mercedes lopez says:

    Thank you sooo much for mentioning D’Anthony, he’s my bestfriend & truly deserves it. Love you, D.

  4. Damian says:

    I gotta say man you can spit and I love the “All I Want Is You” and “I’m So Raw” freestyles

  5. Jasmine Tyler says:

    awwwwwh, DD, hes a good friend of mine & I’m very proud of him ❤

  6. Donald McFeirson says:

    Howdy, I would like to say that I’ve listened to some of his music and rather enjoy it. I’m more of a jazz man myself but I will listen to rap if its D’Anthony rapping!

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