Romeo Will Be Taking Over No Limit Records For His Father Master P

Romeo is going to be continuing No Limit Records for his father Master P. No Limit Records is the label famous for being ran by Master P himself. 21 year old Romeo will now be the Head Executive at the label saying this in a statement to “I can relate to the new era of this music business. I have a lot of on-hands experience working with one of the greatest music company execs ever, my father,He [Master P.] taught me the marketing of this business and I took the time out to complete my education at USC where I studied technology and business,” Romeo continued. “I feel that I have the best of both worlds. I’m a hard worker with a billion dollars worth of knowledge and many resources. My goal is to build a digital hub where artists can become entrepreneurs and make instant revenue off of their music. My resources and I have created a technology to stop online piracy.”
Romeo at this point is more famous for his body, shirtless shots, and calendars that he releases. Romeo’s sex appeal is what seems to be keeping him relevant these days although, he has still been rapping though his group the College Boyys released their debut album this year. They also had the infectious summer single “Footwork” which had many kids jerkin’. But we will see what happens when Romeo takes over the reigns, we wish him all the best in his new venture with all of his new responsibility.

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2 Responses to Romeo Will Be Taking Over No Limit Records For His Father Master P

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  2. Jayla says:

    I don’t really care that he is taking over his father’s label but damn he is sexy as hell Maury1 can I please see some more pictures of Romeo that boy is fine as hell

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