Indie Fashion Spotlight @FlyKickz

As I have noted on here a few times – I am a huge sneaker buff and I love fashion especially indie fashion artist; I don’t know if that is the indie musician in me that relates to the grind, or just the pure essence of style that the indie designer represents. Either way I love it! So I am spotlighting an amazing designer/ sneaker customizer. HER, yep HER name is Dez and she is dope!  Peep her work under the cut.

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4 Responses to Indie Fashion Spotlight @FlyKickz

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  2. Clearly can I get a pair?

  3. Dez says:

    Definitely let me know if you ever need some Kickz designed! P.S. thanks for featuring me on your site!

  4. Chan says:

    Dez – these are definitely dope. I will be getting some customized from you very soon.

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