Model Eye Luv DeSean Goree Take 3

Because you guys loved him so much here he is for Take 3 in our Eye Luv. But this time were doing it with a twist DeSean has sort of become a friend of the site and because you guys showed him so much love, were having a contest. All of you are going to be able to vote for what kind of photos you would like to see him do next. So after you drool over this recent photo shoot he did with EmeraldGleam Photography, vote for the next kind of photo set you want to see him do. The categories are:

  1. Underwear
  2. Suit
  3. Jeans with N Shirt On
  4. Sweaty Workout
  5. Bathtub

Also if you are a photographer or business interested in contacting DeSean you may contact him through his email which is
Or you may contact him at his facebook which is here.

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45 Responses to Model Eye Luv DeSean Goree Take 3

  1. Alex says:

    I want to see Suit

  2. Kiko34567 says:

    Underwear please Maury1

  3. Dina says:

    Underwear I love DeSean

  4. Quita Beatrice says:

    Please Maury1 I want underwear photos

  5. James The Boogie Man says:

    I want the bathtub photos

  6. Jackie Frost says:

    Underwear please maybe we can see a glimpse of a big dick

  7. Jynx says:

    There won’t be any dick unless you see the FAMU sextape, but I would still like to see underwear pics

  8. Jayla says:

    I would like to see underwear pics

  9. Maury1 says:

    Please respect this man’s morals. Yes you may post what you like but I ask that we keep it positive and not talk about nude pics, which we don’t even host at, and also talk about a tape that is irrelevant.

    Thank You,

  10. Dean says:

    You girls are all the same I wanna see him in the suit pics

  11. Trina Rockstar says:

    Please do the sweaty workout, nothing is better than a sweaty man especially him

  12. Boss Bitch 213 says:

    Please the underwear pics, maybe in different color boxers

  13. Solange says:

    The pic I want to see is Sweaty Workout

  14. Jynx says:

    Listen I want that Underwear pic Im sorry to bring up something unpleasant, I apologize to DeSean

  15. The New Diva says:

    Please Sweaty Workout Pics

  16. Queen says:

    Its so hard to choose so I am going to say Sweaty Workout
    And Underwear

    thanks Maury1

  17. Sexy Ass Bitch says:

    Underwear and Sweaty Workout
    I ain’t no we could choose 2

  18. Leah says:

    I would really like to see underwear pics and the sweaty workout pics

  19. Niecey Nizzash says:

    I want both the underwear and Sweaty workout pics too

  20. Darius says:

    Maury1 I love it so much, please let me get some Underwear pics

  21. Khia says:

    I want to see some Sweaty Workout and Underwear Pics

  22. Tanisha Bad Girl says:

    A bad girl likes a bad boy,
    In some bad underwear

  23. LizaMinel123 says:

    Please I want some underwear and hot sweaty workout pics

  24. Sailor Boy says:

    I would like the bath tub pics even though Im going to lose

  25. Sex Is Sex says:

    I want them underwear pics Maury1

  26. Mako Tsunami says:

    Definetly want to see him in the suit with the abs showing

  27. Wheat Thins says:

    I would love to see the underwear pics if that is possible Mr. Maury1

  28. Lisa M says:


  29. Jason Forsythe 890 says:

    Underwear Pics And Maybe even The Sweaty Workout Pics

  30. Isis says:

    Underwear please
    I love your posts but I love DeSean a little more

  31. AJ says:

    Underwear please but then boy you would look good in a 5 piece suit

  32. Amanda Waller says:


  33. Boss Bitch Winona says:

    Underwear Or Sweaty Workout

  34. Tayla says:

    Underwear please

  35. Ailene says:

    Sweaty Workout please

  36. Jade says:

    I would like to see the Underwear photos, maybe we can make the second set Sweaty Workout

    Hes a real hottie thanks Maury1 for posting him

  37. The Bossett says:

    Underwear Daddy

    But Maury1 please don’t make that the last time that we see him we deserve two photosets we deserve Sweaty And Underwear

    My top vote is Underwear though

  38. Rogerita The Alein says:

    I want the pics to be underwear pics thats what my home planet loves. Underwear Underwear Underwear

  39. Yulie says:

    Please I would like to see Underwear


  40. Andrew Ilo says:

    I would like to see underwear pictures I think those would be the sexiest

  41. Bread says:

    I want to see the underwear pics those would make him look even sexier than he already is

  42. Alexis says:

    Alexis wants some yummy underwear pics

  43. The Queen Of All Media says:

    Maury1 could you please ask this stud to send me some underwear pics


  44. LuvaGurl says:

    Maury1 could I please have the underwear pics

  45. Tina The Diva says:


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