CourtneyLuv interviews Celebrity @ChefJamika

Your favorite girl’s favorite blogger CourtneyLuv  had the chance to interview Celebrity Chef Jamika. In this interview, Chef Jamika gave alot on the dish she included the ingredients on leadership and the truth behind the old cliché of how to capture a man with food. Interview is after the beat
CourtneyLuv:What prompted you to leave corporate America?
Chef Jamika: While in college, I wanted to become a corporate executive with all the financial and professional perks. When I finally got there, I quickly realized that it was not what I anticipated at all. I felt stifled sitting at a desk on the phone for 10 hours a day. I thought I would be traveling, going to meetings and attending fabulous parties, but my vision was not my reality.Eventually, the company I was working for took a downturn and laid off my entire department. I was depressed at the time, but soon realized this was a blessing in disguise. Who knows, had I never been forced to leave, I may have stayed there out of fear or convenience and miss my calling to become Chef Jamika.

CourtneyLuv: How did you survive during your studies?
Chef Jamika: Getting back into the swing of things with school is tough for anyone. Luckily for me, attending culinary school had several advantages. I got to be creative with food and eat my creations. Who would not love that?

CourtneyLuv:Describe yourself in one word

CourtneyLuv: Do you believe the cliché, “The way to a man’s heart is thru his stomach?”
ChefJamika: I don’t find that statement to be 100% true. In my dating years, I fed guys great food and the relationships still went south. Being married now, I realize that you get a man’s heart by being yourself. A good meal may get him in the door, but a genuine heart and personality is what will keep him there.

CourtneyLuv:Do you think people can be taught how to cook? Or do you think it has to be a passion?
Chef Jamika: I think anyone can be taught how to cook. When it comes down to pursuing cooking full-time or for a career, it takes passion and commitment. Professional cooking involves a lot of long hours often times seven days a week. You know you have a true passion for cooking when you are willing to make sacrifices and not complain about it.

CourtneyLuv:What is your definition of “chef”?
Chef Jamika: I feel that Chef is a title that must be earned. You don’t become a chef as soon as soon you graduate from culinary school. You become a chef when you begin to work your way thru various kitchens and learn how to be an effective leader. A chef knows how to handle a crisis; takes initiative to help others in the kitchen; and he or she is the first one to come in and the last one to leave. A chef is always coming up with creative ideas to produce great food.

CourtneyLuv: What would you like to tell your fans in four words?
Chef Jamika: Commitment always brings victory.

What a great interview! For recipes and more info log onto

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